Monday, July 20, 2009

July 20, 2009

~ low 60
° F
~ high 81
° F
Partly cloudy

Tilled for fall planting.

Tomatoes & green peppers - sprayed again with Enz-Rot. They look good with no further sign of blossom end rot.

Cucumbers, straightneck squash, & butternut squash - sprayed with Soap Shield as a preventative measure against powdery mildew. I hope they don't catch it from the pumpkins. No sign so far.

Bought 26, 4 foot tall Leyland Cypress trees today, locally. They will become a privacy hedge at the edge of the pasture along the road. Had to contact the utility companies before we can plant them, to make sure we don't plant near buried utility lines.

Ordered Sulfur Guard and Pyola Insect Spray from Gardens Alive!

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