Monday, July 27, 2009

July 27, 2009

~ low 68° F
~ high 88° F
Rainfall - 0.13"
Thundershower last night. Clear & sunny this morning.
Increasing cloudiness in the PM with an afternoon thundershower.

Finished planting & mulching the Leyland Cypresses.

Mulched Dan's arborvitae, which though looking like it's dying, is sprouting some new growth.

Cleared out around the blueberry bush. Watered it too. Lots of berries which are just beginning to ripen. Picked 2 quarts. (See this post.)

Sprayed green pepper & tomatoes with Enz-Rot. Tomatoes still look good though another of the peppers has it.

I've noticed for awhile that the green bean leaves are a yellowish-green. The bottom leaves are especially yellow. Likely a nitrogen deficiency. Sprayed with a solution of fish emulsion. Had some leftover so I sprayed the corn too.

Corn is 3 feet high and beginning to flower.

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