Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 43 of 365

Sunny and a little warmer
  • Low: 25° F
  • High: 55° F

Raked leaves and mulched beds. Chickens, if present, are a nuisance in this endeavor. One would think they would love the bare, inviting earth raked clean of it's leafy cover. Rather, they unanimously prefer to scratch through the pile of leaves I'm trying to rake up. Goats too, are a problem. Not because of the leaves, but because of the wheelbarrow, which is endlessly fascinating to them.

Picked off a big bag of wheat heads from the wheat on our front porch.


  1. We have wheat and oat seeds for planting but I have no idea what they would look like when they are ready to pick?

    1. The plants will be tall, dried a golden brown, and have visible seed heads on them Both wheat and oat seed heads have long prickly spine looking things growing from the seeds. They are lovely! The grains will be firm between your teeth, not doughy. The drier they are, the easier they are to thresh. You just have to be sure to harvest before the seed heads shatter, and spread their seed to the ground.