Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 44 of 365

Rain! Arrgh! Why did I not get that soil sample yesterday? Actually, I know why; I was hoping the rain would hold off until this afternoon so I could let the soil dry out a little more. Rats.
  • Low: 38 F
  • High: 53 F
Rainfall: 0.25"

So. An indoor day. A writing day, with the exception of making mozzarella cheese. This was my first time to make it with cows milk. Differences noted: curds set up faster than with goat milk & needed higher temperatures to work with it. Yield from 1 gallon milk 13.2 oz cheese

Took an inventory on my canning jar lids. I've been putting off ordering Tattlers because I have such a huge supply of regular lids. I get Golden Harvest brand lids for $1 a box at Fred's, and these don't have the white BPA coating.

Found 3 eggs under the hay feeder in the buck barn.

Harvested mangels to feed the goats.

Eating the food:
  • Lunch was a kefir cream cheese and fig jam sandwich on toast, yum!
  • Dinner featured a meat pie made from tidbits from the bone broth I made previously. Used the rendered goat fat in the crust. It makes the best crust.


  1. I just received my first sampler order of Tattler lids and am so impressed I've decided to switch over to them. I'll garage sale the metal lids and keep the brass rings for the Tattlers. Right now I'm making fermentation /airlock caps out of a couple of Tattlers (wine making supply shop just down the street). I think I'll start with a quart of sauerkraut...

    I'm in suspense. How much moz DID you get out of a gallon of milk?

  2. Thanks for asking, you reminded me to go weigh it, LOL One gallon of whole milk made a 13.2 ounce cheese.

    I've only heard good things about the Tattlers. I've been putting off ordering them, but I think now's the time.