Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 62 of 365

Sunny but still chilly
  • Low: 26 F
  • High: 51
Rainfall total March wk. 2: 1.1"

Harvested parsnips.

Baker Creek seed order arrived today.

Surprise kidded last night so that mean milk again soon! The baby is only nursing on one side, so I milked the colostrum out of the other and froze it in muffin tins to have on hand in case of a future emergency.

Tried our apple/fig kefir soda for lunch. Even better than plain apple!

Garden mulch duty.

Lots of eggs so we had quiche for dinner. Since I was already making pie crust, I made enough for an apple pie with a jar of apple pie filling I made and canned two years ago. Love the crust with our rendered goat fat.

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