Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 72 of 365

The sun has been trying to come out. Wind, though, is very blustery and cold, making it unpleasant to work in.
  • Low: 35° F
  • High: 44° F

Garden too muddy to do anything in.

Finished grinding the corn in the hopper. I have to say that grinding corn by hand is much slower than grinding wheat, even with the right auger. Glad it's done though so I can move on to some wheat.

Threshed some wheat to grind. This is still a slow process for which we have not settled on a good method. Tried to winnow in the wind, which I've never done before. I usually use a fan. The chaff blew everywhere: my clothes, my face, my hair, my eyes. Some of the gusts were too strong and blew the wheat berries onto the ground, so I decided to save the rest for another day.

Continued simmering bone broth.

Started spring cleaning in the pantry. How ever do I manage to get it in such a disorderly mess?

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