Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 102 of 365

Another glorious day: sunny, dry, and mild
  • Low: 45
  • High: 75
Errand day, but I would rather have been working outdoors!

I had one more pumpkin in my pantry, a Georgia Bulldog variety from last summer. It kept beautifully! I steamed it and made Dan a pumpkin pie (his favorite). Inside scrapings with seeds, and rind to the goats.

  • Milk kefir for breakfast
  • Goat cheese & fresh lettuce on sourdough bread sandwich for lunch
  • Traditional pizza for Friday night dinner. Not a lot of this is homegrown right now, except the pizza sauce (of which I still have plenty) and goat milk mozzarella (which I can once again make.) And of course that pumpkin pie, served with goat whipped cream for dessert.

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