Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 86 of 365

A sunny, hot day
Not as bad as it could be
The few clouds did help
  • Low: 57
  • High: 83

Weeded another of my front yard herb beds. Planted Flanders poppy, which is not on my edible/medicinal only list! But when I was a little girl, I loved my grandmother's red poppies, so I wanted to plant some.

Indirect independent eating project took up most of the day, hauling sticks to a central location for the day we can rent a chipper. I never have enough mulch and renting a chipper annually for all our fallen and cut twigs and branches works for us.


  1. Isn't it something how the older we get the more we long for those flowers that our grandmothers had. I have yet to plant the Chinese Lanerns that grandma had on the side of the house..and always a warning not to eat them, they are poison. Don't know whether or not they really are. xo

    1. Sherri, oh those happy memories. I'm not familiar with Chinese Lanterns so I'll have to look them up. The other flowers I remember at my grandmother's were pansies and hollyhocks. I always get some pansies every winter from the nursery center and tried hollyhocks one summer, but they succumbed to rust.