Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 99 of 365

A sunny, pleasant, and dry day.
  • Low: 42 F
  • High: 74 F

Dan sank the t-posts for pea trellises, 3 rows worth. After that I composted the peas and mulched.

Composted the comfrey and applied dolomite. I've learned that comfrey likes a rich, sweet soil and I'm going to try harder with my plants this year. Almost all survived the winter, which is good news.

  • Amish paste tomatoes & marigolds (direct sow) in the pea rows.
  • Borage in the strawberry beds. Saw an almost red strawberry!

  • a few random volunteer potatoes
  • a volunteer horseradish plant in the potato bed

  • lettuce
  • also gathered cleavers & chickweed for my goat mineral mix

  • lettuce salad
  • poached eggs on sourdough bread toast
  • butter
  • kefir tea
  • parsnip cake for dessert

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