Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 112 of 365

Summertime clouds but
not summertime temps. Later,
an evening shower burst
  • Low: 45
  • High: 74
Rainfall: < 0.05"
Rainfall for May week 1: 3.2" (plus)

  • lettuce
  • strawberries
  • broccoli
  • radishes

Made mozzarella.

Cut another wheelbarrow load of the wheat at the bottom of the garden before it rained. This, I'm drying for hay. I cut it with my hand sickle and decided to lay it out on top of the stubble to dry. That way it can get air circulation underneath. 

  • Breakfast: milk kefir on cereal
  • Lunch: sourdough toast with goat cheese and green tomato salsa, water kefir soda
  • Dinner: big salad with lettuce, broccoli, goat cheese, pickled eggs, and the last of the parsnip cake (which was in the freezer.)

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