Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 125 of 365

Misty in the morning
Sunny in the afternoon
Overcast toward evening
Then thunder and rain
  • Low: 66 F
  • High: 89 F
Rainfall: 0.01"
Rainfall total for May wk. 3: 1.05"

I forgot to mention that yesterday that I made kefir milkshakes with frozen blueberries, milk kefir, a glug of milk and a spoonful of unbleached sugar. Whirred it all up in the blender and it was a tasty treat!

Made a pitcher of iced tea substituting kefir water for part of the plain water.

Ordered 15 guinea keets. These are primarily for tick and insect control, secondarily for eggs and meat.

Cleaned out the goat barn and started a new compost pile. Turned the other two. One is almost finished and the other has heated up beautifully. When I turn, I sprinkle the dry places as needed. I never know what I'm going to find when I pull away the plastic. Several times I've found snakes on the piles, always bugs and colonies of ants, also grubs, which please the chickens tremendously. Today I found a toad and a mouse nest. I put Riley on the mice and used the hose to evict the toad.

Dan finished raking up all the dried hay.

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