Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 133 of 365

Yesterday was a goat day, today was a garden day.
  • Low: 64
  • High: 86

  • watermelon, Bush Sugar Baby (Sustainable)
  • corn, Earth Tone Dent (Shumway)

Seedlings transplanted (with the tomatoes):
  • sweet basil
  • parsley

  • strawberries
  • spearmint (for drying)

After I planted the seedlings I needed to water them. I hooked up a hose to the rain catchment tanks and it worked very well with great pressure.

Worked on preparing another bed for planting later.

Tried a salad with the Jericho lettuce for the first time. Very tasty but it doesn't seem to keep as well as the Romaine type. Also added some young Swiss chard leaves and a handful of broccoli.

Raked up the hay I cut and dried in the new pasture. It's harder to rake up because the growing grass is so fine.

Mowed the lawn. What a waste of time. We really need to get more beds prepared so I can expand my herb garden.

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