Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 138 of 365

Looked like rain all day and finally did after chore time.
  • Low: 68° F
  • High: 85° F
Rainfall:  1.3"

  • black oil sunflowers

  • catnip
  • marshmallow (to larger pot)
  • valerian (to larger pot)
  • creeping thyme (to larger pot)

  • blackberry leaves
  • kudzu vines

  • 1 quart peas, frozen
  • 1 pint, sliced sweet peppers (store bought), frozen

The ground was still way too wet to actually plant anything. I tried to rake it, but it clumped to the rake. With more rain forecast, however, I needed to get those sunflowers planted in the area Dan tilled the other day. I decided to broadcast the seeds thickly and cover the best I could with compost. My hope is that the compost will at least hide some of the seed, so that the birds won't eat it all. 

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