Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 143 of 365

The day began in drizzle
which then turned to rain
I'd hoped to harvest garlic.
I painted shelves and worked on my index.
  • Low: 69
  • High: 79
Rainfall: 1.1"

Everything is a muddy mess. My newly planted sunflowers are in a huge puddle and some of the garden is too soft to walk in. The garlic needs harvesting badly. Maybe tomorrow if it doesn't rain again?

Mucked out not only the goat shed but scraped all the soft, squishy ground in front of it. Much of it is manure, which isn't a problem when dry and packed down, but is a real problem with this much rain. Needless to say, the compost piles are bulging and heating up beautifully.

Eating lots of huge salads, currently lettuce, radish, peas, hardboiled eggs, and goat cheese.

Using recipes for lots of eggs: lemon cream pie, French toast, and quiche.

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