Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 157 of 365

Warmer and more humid
  • Low: 71
  • High: 90
Rain showers

  • cabbage

My plans for the morning were to work in the garden. After I harvested the cabbage, it became a kitchen day.
  • made cole slaw
  • made sauerkraut
  • dehydrated outercabbage leaves (for goats)
  • chopped & fed cabbage core to goats
  • dehydrated parsley
  • hardboiled eggs for egg salad
  • made popovers (used more eggs)
  • made sourdough bread

  • cabbage, dehydrated
  • parsley, dehydrated

Weeded some in the herb and flower beds.

Posted June garden photos on the homestead blog. 

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