Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 171 of 365

Overcast all day with a drizzle of rain after lunch.
  • Low: 74
  • High 81
Rainfall: not enough to measure

Digging potatoes.
Sky grey, air thick, drops of sweat
Was that a raindrop?

  • cabbage
  • potatoes

Finally dug the last potato bed. Still muddy but it had to be done. Scant harvest and some of them were soft and rotting, I'm guessing from sitting in too damp of soil for so long.

Weeded the bottom-most garden bed as well. It's way to wet to till and the ground is too soft to even "weed" with the lawn mower, but everything pulled out easily by hand.

Made cole slaw and sauerkraut with the cabbages. Made carob ice cream for dessert.

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