Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 220 of 365

Mostly sunny but occasional cloudiness.
  • Low: 67° F
  • High:: 88° F

  • figs
  • sweet basil

Made mozzarella.

I planned to plant turnips this morning and finished preparing the bed. Then I discovered that I don't have any turnip seed! I couldn't believe it. I'll have to buy some because we really enjoy turnips.

It's been several days since I picked figs, but knew there were a lot of green ones up and coming. I had hoped to get enough to work on my fig bar recipe, and needed two cups. There were hardly any! I managed to get 1 cup, mashed. That was enough for a cake.

Used the sweet basil for sauteed summer squash and multiplier onions. Yummy.

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