Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Summary

October has been mild except for two mornings of light frost. It was enough to kill the Amish Paste tomatoes in the bottom of the garden, but the hybrid salad tomatoes were more protected and so escaped damage. I got a dozen or so green Amish Paste for the kitchen counter.

Temperatures have ranged mostly from the 40s to 60s on average.

Total rainfall for the month was only 2.05"  It's drizzling now so maybe well get enough to water everything.

I've planted garlic, multiplier onions, top-set onions, kale, mesclun, lettuce, radishes, collards, cabbage-collards, kale, sugar beets, Detroit beets, parsnips, and winter wheat.

The deer have eaten all the tops off my Detroit beets.

Have harvested the sweet potatoes, field corn, and cowpeas. Still getting an occasional tomato and salad greens.  The broccoli is coming along.

Ordered more Tattler canning lids so I can finish canning. I still have jellies to go and I want to make some soups.

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