Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 45 of 365

Sunny mostly but now it looks like rain.
  • Low: 26 F
  • High 57 F
Rainfall for Feb. week 3: 0.35"

Finished shoveling up the muck in front of the doe stalls. Added it to the compost along with some wet hay.

Dug soil samples in the buck pasture.

Looks like eggs will be on the daily menu now. Opened a can of Farmgirl Susan's green tomato salsa to have with the eggs. Cracklins are good in eggs if chopped fine and browned.

Dinner was leftover meat pie, also baked sweet potatoes and we tried a jar of the green tomato - apple conserve I made last fall.

Shumway seed order arrived today.


  1. Yum, meat pie sounds really good.

    I'm curious about 'Shumway' I go to check it out. xo

    1. Sherri not many folks mention Shumway, but I've ordered from them for decades. That's where I get things like mangel and sugar beet seeds, as well as bulk field seeds like the field corn. Their prices are fair and I like their old timey catalogue.