Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 47 of 365

Gloomy, rainy, chilly, drizzly
  • Low: 38 F
  • High: 43 F
  • Rainfall total for two days (Fri & Sat): 1.0"
High was at midnight, low around noon. Rainfall at chore time was half an inch, but the rain continued.

Mailed off the soil sample for testing. This is of the buck pasture. We plan to plant corn and cowpeas there next spring.

Bought 10# Red Norland seed potatoes from Tractor Supply

Used the cows milk mozzarella on our pizza. We both agreed it isn't as tasty as goats milk mozz. Also used home canned pizza sauce.


  1. I had forgotten that you keep this daily journal - it is very fun to read - especially all the things you eat and use from your own farm. I did The Shepherd's seed orders on line tonight - I had to add sunflowers, hollyhocks and cherry tomatoes to the Park seed order though. :-) T

    1. Tina, I'm not very consistent with this blog. If it isn't useful, when why bother? :)