Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 54 of 365

Drizzly throughout the day, finally rain in the evening.
  • Low: 40
  • High 51
Rainfall: 0.5"

Harvested mangels. As usual feeding chopped mangels and sweet potatoes to the goats.

Transplanted about 8 more asparagus roots this afternoon, starting on bed #2. Still have a bunch to go, but the ground is pretty heavy from moisture in that part of the garden.

I should mention that daily I feed our chickens our field corn and wheat heads. Also crushed dried eggshells and occasionally cowpeas and amaranth heads. Seems the routine things I often forget to mention.

Eating the food:
  • I have so many frozen blueberries that we decided to try them in our cream of wheat this morning. Delicious!
  • Lunch was home canned tomato soup with homemade chicken bone broth. This is so much better than Campbells!
  • Dinner, opened up more pickled okras, pickled beets, and dill pickles to go with ham sandwiches (not home raised). 


  1. I'm so glad to hear you feed your chickens egg shells, I have been afraid to do it because of talk that they will be egg eaters if you start that...No more oyster shells to purchase, yeah! xo

    1. Sherri, I'm sure there are folks who will swear up and down that their chickens became egg eaters from being fed crushed egg shells. OTOH, chickens who aren't fed them can become egg eaters too. I know common belief is that it's a calcium shortage that causes it, but when I had an egg eater, I realized it was the insides of the egg she really loved, although she'd eat the shell too.

      Maybe some chickens are smart enough to equate a whole egg with teeny bits of shell, I don't know. It is nice to be able to provide your own calcium though. :)