Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 55 of 365

Sunny some, then cloudy. Wind sharp and cold
  • Low: 31° F
  • High: 48° F

Started on another batch of goat bone broth. At first I thought I could finish them off with one last batch, but I really have enough for two, so I'm only simmering half of them.

There are some yellowish patches in the new pasture, nitrogen deficiency I believe. I scattered the rest of the natural nitrogen I had in those areas.

Researched how to introduce goats to fresh, new pasture. Their microorganisms in their rumen have to adjust to prevent bloat. I read anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes the first day and increase slowly. The ground is really still too soft and muddy, so I hand cut a basketful and put it in their hay feeder. I'll do that daily for awhile.

Tattler lids arrived.

Breakfast: kefir with canned figs, poached eggs, strawberry jam and butter.

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