Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 57 of 365

Frosty in the morning, sunny and warm in the afternoon.
  • Low: 29
  • High: 61

Finished cleaning out the chicken coop and spreading the litter in sheet mulch fashion over the field. Cleaned out one of the goat stalls and added it to the new compost pile.

I decided it's time to dry Ziggy up. I've been holding off in hopes of waiting until after Surprise kidded. Now she'd down to about a quarter cup per day and I don't even know for positive that Surprise is pregnant. Ordinarily I would just adapt our diet to what's available. Feeding milk kefir grains, however, makes it a bit more challenging; I need milk to keep them alive. There are ways to preserve the grains, either by freezing or dehydrating. For freezing, the method I found recommends coating them with powdered milk. I priced powdered milk and, besides the ingredients I don't want to consume, it's going on $8 for a dinky box! I need to look into drying some grains the next time I have too many.

Egg production is up OTOH. Last Wednesday I got 8 eggs from 10 hens. That's unusual but I am getting about 4 per day on average. So we eat more eggs. :)

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