Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 59 of 365

  • Low: 42
  • High: 67

Today, cloudy all day with forecast for 100% chance of rain.
  • Low: 49
  • High: 66
Rained all night: 1.1"

Planted two new red raspberry plants I bought at Tractor Supply. Also transplanted my surviving plants which have never done very well. I think this is because they were in a place that dried out quickly and was difficult to water. I moved them all to a row near the front pasture fence. It will be easier to water them there. Divided the four transplants into 7, so now I have a row of 9 red raspberry plants.

Finished transplanting the asparagus plants. Almost a little late to be doing that because a few were beginning to sprout, but it had to be done. I now have two, 4 x 16 foot beds of asparagus. None of the previous transplants are sprouting yet.

Extended one of the new pathways by another bed.

Mowed part of the big pasture with bagger. The bagged dried grass was for fresh chicken litter. Also, it exposed new growth for the boys.

Tried our kefir soda for lunch. Delish! What a treat to have our own, healthy version of a carbonated beverage.


  1. I may have to try your new soda. I gave up soda and I really miss the carbonation the most.

    Have a good night. xo

    1. Yes, there's something about the carbonation that is really nice. The kefir soda was fizzy but not too sweet. The kefir grains convert the sugar into... fizz? I tried apple juice with this first batch, but I'm really looking forward to experimenting.

    2. So glad your apple 'soda' turned out for you! Yep, it's the fizz that perks things up. The carbonation does good things on the tongue and taste buds compared to flat drinks. That's why commercial soda HAS CO2 forced into them - to make them taste better and sell more.

      Check out my current kefir post - more goings on in the (increasingly) living kitchen. :-D