Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 65 of 365

Sunny in the morning then clouds rolled in.
  • Low: 53 F
  • High: 76 F

Took a walk in the old grain field, where the pigs will go this spring if it works out that we can get them. Noted things starting to grow, especially cleavers, which is said to contain calcium, copper, iodine, and Vitamin C.

German foxtail millet in the new pasture. Got it from Baker Creek and it is said to grow good seeds for chickens. I just scattered it in the bare spots but saved enough for a seed crop in the garden. My goal in our pasture areas is as much diversity as possible.

Probably the last of the mangels. There are only about 3 more in the ground, which I want to go to seed. One, however, had been pulled out and was lying on the ground, and none had leaves anymore. Deer?

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