Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 70 of 365

Rainy all day so I'm glad I planned an indoor day.
  • Low: 41 F
  • High: 53
Rainfall: 0.15"

Started on the last batch of bone broth from last summer's butchering.

Made sweet potato pie from pantry sweet potatoes, fresh eggs, and frozen Ziggy cream (whipped).  I planted about 24 slips last summer and at first I thought it was maybe too much because of all the sweet potatoes I harvested. There's been plenty to feed both us and the goats, so I'll try for the same next year. Vardemans have proved to be good keepers with excellent flavor.

Decided to try some goat milk soap with Surprise's milk until the withdrawal period is over from the antibiotics.  I'm pretty sure I have some lye in my soapmaking supplies, but these are packed away somewhere. I need to find them.

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