Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 75 of 365

  • Low: 27° F
  • High 62° F

Finished one garden aisle all the way down to the wheat patch. Put the dirt in beds that needed to be built up. Added another terrace log to one new bed and planted Swiss Chard (Fordhook, seed from Pinetree Garden Seeds). Dan and I don't care a lot for chard, but I dried surplus a couple years ago and the goats loved it during winter. I'll grow it do do that again, plus it's a companion to tomatoes.

Took down the cattle panel pea trellis and fed the remainder of the dried vines to the billy boys. Elvis ate it all I think.

  • the Swiss Chard mentioned above.
  • Jericho cos type lettuce, seed also from Pinetree. It's supposed to do well in hot weather. We'll see.

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