Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 123 of 365

  • Low: 65 F
  • High: 78 F
Rainfall: 0.75" ?
The question mark is because I found the rain gauge tipped over. It still had quite a bit in it, but I think some may have splashed out. So 3/4 inch is a guess.

Finished making and canning strawberry jam. Ended up with 13 pints for a year's worth. Used mostly purchased strawberries but also a few homegrown.

Made butter and buttermilk.

  • strawberries

  • Breakfast: milk kefir and strawberries on cereal
  • Lunch: scrambled eggs with butter and strawberry jam on (boughten) bagels. Salad with lots of lettuce and goat cheese
  • Dinner: chevon burgers with lettuce and dill pickles. Chocolate pie with whipped cream for dessert. 

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