Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 137 of 365

Mostly sunny with occasional rain type clouds passing through.
  • Low: 65
  • High 87

  • bergamot seedlings

  • lettuce
  • radishes
  • strawberries
  • hull-less oats (a few)
  • peas (a gallon)
  • spearmint
  • chickeweed

The oats are supposed to be ready to harvest when they turn from green to cream. The various stalks seem to be at different stages of ripening, so I took the ones that looked ready. The birds are helping themselves too. This is supposed to be my seed crop so I hope I get enough for seed!

Picked a gallon bucket of garden peas. We've been eating our fill plus I will freeze some for salads later.

Eating huge salads with lunch and dinner. They taste so good! Current mix is lettuce, peas, radishes, broccoli if available, goat cheese, and sometimes a hardboiled egg.

One meal each day is egg based.

Tonight we ate the last of our homegrown chickens from the freezer.

My flax is flowering. So is the borage.

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