Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 146 of 365

  • Low: 72 F
  • High: 92 F
Rainfall: 0.15"

  • 4 sand cherry bushes

  • hull-less oats

I bought the sand cherries to replace some that I didn't think made it over winter. Lo and behold, they were sprouting anyway! So that gives me 4 extra sand cherry bushes. Sand cherries aren't very good eating by themselves and too seedy for pie, but they were a great addition in a mixed (read odds and ends) fruit jelly.

Dan finished tilling the buck pasture for field corn, and we added all the minerals and he tilled those in too. It was a race with time because rain was imminent.

I browned some cracklings to sprinkle on a salad like bacon bits. Not bad, but they would have been tastier if I'd salted and seasoned them. 

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