Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 168 of 365

Rain, what else.
  • Low: 70 ° F
  • High: 84° F
Rainfall: 1.25 (and still drizzling)
Total rainfall for July week 1: 6.95"

  • 1st blueberries

This is late for blueberries. Last year I was harvesting in June. I'm guessing it's because we haven't had much sun to ripen them.

Cowpeas are up and the tallest of the field corn is knee high. 

Marinated some chevon tenderloin in fajita marinade and cooked over the charcoal grill. Quite tender and delicious. There has been no bucky or particularly goaty flavor to this meat. It tastes like chevon, but is good flavored, not strong. We had this with sauteed peppers and onions, grated goat cheese and homegrown tomato on tortillas. 

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