Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 169 of 365

It drizzled in the morning and then sun. I planned to dig the last potato bed in the afternoon, but it rained again. Not much, but enough to spoil my garden plans.
  • Low: 72° F
  • High: 90° F
Rainfall: 0.3"

No rain but the sun was late in getting out so not much dried out.
  • Low: 70° F
  • High: 90° F
Rainfall: none!

  • marshmallow starts
  • unknown herb (label washed off)

  • tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • strawberries
  • beet greens (to dry for the goats)
  • a few potatoes (but it was too wet)

  • dehydrated beet greens

Planted my potted marshmallow plants in an herb bed. It was pretty muddy but I couldn't wait any longer because the seedlings were growing roots out the bottom of the pots. I pulled out as much wiregrass as I could and planted. I've learned not to try to eliminate wiregrass because it can't be done. My best option is to try to stay half a step ahead of it.

I tried to harvest my last bed of potatoes. The ground was really too wet so I pushed back the mulch. It was sunny today, so maybe it will dry out in a day or two.

Summer salads will be tomatoes, cucumbers, and grated goat cheese. Love it with ranch dressing!

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