Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 196 of 365

Rained. All. Day.
  • Low: 73
  • High:80
Rainfall for the day: 3.05"
Rainfall for Aug. week 1: 5.65"

There was a break in the rain in the later afternoon so I shooed the goats out to muck out their stalls. I turned the compost piles and found dozens of little grubs at the bottom of one of them. I thought the guinea keets might like them but they weren't interested. The little chickens, however, scarfed them all down.

Lots of good homestead eating:
  • Breakfast, blueberries with kefir
  • Lunch: poached eggs, tomato and cucumber salad, homestead butter and strawberry jam on toast
  • Dinner: chevon burgers with garden tomato and pickles, oven fried okra, sauerkraut, and chocolate goat milk ice cream for dessert. 

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