Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 202 of 365

Mostly overcast and not as hot.
  • Low: 70° F
  • High: 82° F
August week 2 rainfall: 1.95"

  • tomatoes
  • okra
  • dried black turtle beans
  • sweet basil
  • blueberries
  • figs
  • elderberries
  • apples (just a few)

  • blueberries, dehydrated
  • sweet basil, dried
  • tomatoes, frozen
  • okra, pickled, 1 pint
  • figs, canned, 3 pints
  • figs, froze (the ones too soft to can)

The apples were on the ground. I'd sampled one not too long ago, but it still seemed a little green.

Elderberries are starting to ripen but the birds have eaten a lot! I'm hoping to get enough to make some elderberry jelly.

Figs are just coming on but I managed to can 3 pints. I followed the directions at making the lightest syrup (1 cup sugar to 7 cups water) and using citric acid instead of lemon juice.

Also canned 1 pint of pickled okra, using the recipe from the Ball Blue Book. I know there will be plenty of figs for canning soon, but the okra is troubled with ants, which makes the pods not so pretty for canning. Blueberries seem to be about at an end.

The rest of the fig syrup and okra brine I'll save and add to, when I make the next batches. What I like about water bath canning is that I can mix jars, as long as I keep track of their separate timings. In fact I have 2 timers for that purpose.

Prepared one bed for planting. The soil is still pretty wet but hopefully by tomorrow will be workable and ready to plant. 

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