Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 214 of 365

Another September-like morning
  • Low: 65
  • High: 88

  • onion seed, Australian Brown (in the carrot & broccoli bed)
  • kale, Dwarf Siberian

  • catnip plant
  • muscadine vine (potted, actually. It was growing in the strawberry bed)

  • blueberries
  • carrot, one Parisienne
  • rose hips
  • sage
  • red raspberries (2 berries)
  • figs

There really aren't many blueberries left on the bush. But there are a few late ripeners and I was able to pick enough for several days worth of breakfast cereal.

That one carrot was the only one that grew in an entire bed planted!

Looks like the figs have peaked, although there are still quite a few still to ripen.

Tidied up one of the herb/flower beds, spreading the black-eyed Susan seeds elsewhere. I love having clumps of them around the yard.

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