Wednesday, November 13, 2013

First Freeze

We've had several light frosts, but last night was the first freeze. In the morning, all the water buckets had about a half inch of ice needing to be broken.
  • Low: 24° F
  • High: 51° F

There has been very little rainfall so far this month: less than a tenth of an inch.

The summer garden is done except for one huge cushaw, which I'll need a wheelbarrow to bring to the house! Also the last of the dried okra pods need to be picked for seed.

Fall garden is scant. We had steamed broccoli the other night (delicious), but I've had a terrible time with my cabbage plants. I bought these at WalMart (my first mistake) and they keep wilting to death, even though I've watered them regularly.

Perhaps all my seeds will do better once we get some rain. That will mean a spring harvest rather than autumn and winter.

I had intended to plant a bed of turnips but was dismayed to discover I had no seed. No one around here sells seed for fall gardens, so I thought I'd have to wait until spring. Then I discovered two volunteer turnips at the bottom of the garden! I'll still have to wait until spring, but I should get plenty of seed. :)

Routine garden chores include pulling remains from the beds and mulching heavily with raked leaves. I hope to do the entire garden this year, even if it's just a little at a time. That good mulch layer makes a huge difference in keeping weeds at bay and moisture in the soil.

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