Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 113 of 365

Mostly sunny but kinda looked like it might rain.
  • Low: 51
  • High: 75

Applied compost to comfrey. Planted 4 comfrey crowns I had stashed in the refrigerator. All but one of the ones I planted last fall made it, so I'm happy about that.

Started to mulch the strawberries with the leaves Dan and I raked and piled near the garden. I got about half way done, but the problem was that the mulch pile was loaded with ants. As are the strawberry beds. After getting about 20 bites, I decided to go finish taking down and folding the laundry.

Truth be told, I didn't get a whole lot done because Lily kidded today! That's a heads up for those of you who read my garden journal. :) Look for photos and details on my homestead blog tonight, scheduled to publish at midnight.

  • strawberries.

  • strawberries, freezing

  • milk kefir
  • milk
  • water kefir
  • lettuce
  • goat cheese
  • eggs
  • parsnips

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