Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 189 of 365

Soggy, drizzly, indoor kind of day
  • Low: 69° F
  • High: 82° F
Rainfall 0.45"
Total rainfall for July wk. 4: 2.25"
Total rainfall for month of July: 14.05"

  • froze 4, unbaked blueberry pies
  • dehydrated blueberries

I actually made 5 blueberry pies today, 4 to freeze unbaked, one to bake for tonight's dessert.

Made mozzarella cheese out of 1.5 gallons of milk.


  1. It seems like we usually get most of the rain and you have the great weather..I can't even remember the last time we had rain here in the Pacific NW. xo

    1. Sherri, well, we usually have blazing hot weather and a summer dry spell! Our temps have been running about 10 degrees cooler than typical this summer. I think that's because we've had mostly cloudy days with very little sun. I have to say I don't miss upper 90s every day! Dan, however, is getting tired of all the rain. :)